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Our Culture Resounds, Our Future Reveals: A Legacy of Filipino American Performing Arts in California 

  • Eleanor Lipat-Chesler and Mary Talusan, Editors
  • Maureen Russell, Project Lead Archivist

About the Book

Our Culture Resounds, Our Future Reveals brings together Filipino American artists and scholars to provide a resource for exploring the multifaceted motivations, perspectives, and experiences of a community that has a long legacy of performance in California. Through intimate interviews, thoughtful essays, and vivid photographs as well as archived videos and sound recordings on California Revealed, this work opens up spaces to discuss, debate, and discover Filipino Americans’ unique contributions to culture and performance. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PDF HERE!

This interactive PDF with links to online audiovisual archives is a free resource book intended for wide distribution among community networks, students, educators, and the general public.

Note: The digital version displayed on the California Revealed website does not include interactive A/V links. We recommend you click the arrow symbol above the book viewer to download the full book as a PDF.

The way Mary Talusan and I have compiled and editorialized the contents of this book belies our generation, our biases toward certain genres, our music-heavy academic backgrounds, our concerns as mothers who want to pass cultural knowledge on to our own children, as well as the sense of wonder that we east-coast transplants share regarding the astonishing quantity of Filipino American arts practices in California. Part mini-encyclopedia, part archive guidebook, and part performing artist handbook, we have attempted to bridge academic perspectives with community artist realities. In doing so, we have compiled a book that defies easy categorization.

Eleanor Lipat-Chesler, Co-Editor

There is no one ‘thing’ that is and only is ‘Filipino American music.’ As Filipino Americans, we have a variety of influences, both internal and external to the Philippine nation, that stretch across time and space, and we make individual artistic choices. As a diasporic community, we adapt, assimilate, appropriate, localize, and transform music, music-making, and listening in an infinite number of ways. Encouraging a more robust debate and exploration of these issues is my motivation for creating a space for ‘Filipino American music’ especially in scholarly literature that is neither objective nor immune from larger social forces such as racism, prejudice, and exclusion.

Mary Talusan, Co-Editor

This project is supported by California Revealed and administered in California by the State Librarian. The program is made possible by funding from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act. Additional support for this book was provided by the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology and the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive.

Front cover art concept by Nicole Mae Martin, designed by Amy Vaughn. Photo credits: Eleanor Lipat-Chesler, May Vukotich, Kevin Manuel Theodore Soriano, Marlo Campos. Back cover image by May Vukotich.Advertisements

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